California | Fashion District & The Observatory

Last post about my California Adventures!
Day 4 was filled with shopping. We went thrifting all over Los Angeles and then we went to Fashion District, where I was slightly disappointed and ended up not buying anything.

California | Disneyland

I hope I'm not misleading you with the title; although we did go to Disneyland (which was a highlight of the trip) we didn't go to California Adventures. It was Josh's (the boyfriend - first time saying his name on my blog!) first time to go to Disneyland and if he didn't love it... well... let's just say I'm glad he loves Disneyland! We left the hotel at 7 am and got there (with all the traffic) at 8:30 am and stayed till 11:30 pm! So much Disney! So much FUN!

California | Hollywood

Over the weekend my parents, boyfriend, and I took a road trip to California – Los Angeles to be precise. Whenever I go to Cali, I usually just go to LA for a day or just skip it entirely so I was hoping to be very touristy and take tons of pictures of all the uniqueness surrounding me. Unfortunately, we spent practically the entire time in traffic.
It took about 20 hours to drive to LA and once we got there it seemed like we spent half our day in the car. Nonetheless, I had a terrific time with my family and boyfriend.

Hello, it's Blog and this is my aika


Hello everyone!

I've wanted to start a blog for a really long time, but because I'm a planner rather than a doer I always hesitate when I'm about to start a post. But I've faced my fears and I'm ready to get this blog started (while blogging is still relevant). So I hope you stick around and enjoy the photographs I take, snippets of my life, and my precious dogs!

I know I just started, but I know this is the start of a beautiful friendship.