California | Hollywood

Over the weekend my parents, boyfriend, and I took a road trip to California – Los Angeles to be precise. Whenever I go to Cali, I usually just go to LA for a day or just skip it entirely so I was hoping to be very touristy and take tons of pictures of all the uniqueness surrounding me. Unfortunately, we spent practically the entire time in traffic.
It took about 20 hours to drive to LA and once we got there it seemed like we spent half our day in the car. Nonetheless, I had a terrific time with my family and boyfriend.

I separated this weekend into three parts. I am now just realizing I don’t like any of the pictures of me from the first night we got there (which should explain why I'm not in these pictures).

From this trip I learned that I should be grateful for having cheap (compared to LA) gas, you’re never too old to have fun in Disneyland, and big cities aren’t for everyone, and it certainly isn’t for me.

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