Bell Bottoms in the Bay



I'm currently writing this post in Chicago, avoiding the Seattle storm. It seems strange since only a couple weeks ago the sky was clear for a perfect photoshoot day at Dumas Bay.

Bell-bottoms were a thing of the past, but now they've come back in a major way. I'm on the shorter side and wearing these pants with a pair of heels elongates my legs in such flattering ways. Of course, it wouldn't be me without adding something quirky. I added a sun-glaring yellow coat so if I ever got lost in the woods I could easily be found.

O U T F I T 
Top: Postmark via thredUPEXACT, SIMILAR
Bottoms: Free People via Poshmark | SIMILAR, SIMILAR, SIMILAR, SIMILAR, SIMILAR
Coat: Tulle via Poshmark | EXACT, SIMILAR, SIMILAR
Heels: Indigo Rd via Burlington | EXACT

Purchased for - 
Top: $8.80 | Bottoms: $24.95 | Coat: $35.95 | Heels: $30.27 

Total Outfit Cost: $99.97

P.S. After a great photosession, I came to the conclusion that Josh either needed to create his own blog (he said it wasn't going to happen) or I would add a little section for him on my blog (officially "Men's Style" in the header)! Be prepared for his laid back, easy to pair pieces. And some kick ass karate moves.

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