The Mullet

Hello world! It's been a while... almost two months >.< But alas, for better or worse I'm back (for now at least).

I've been gravitating towards fun pieces in my closet lately. If there's no color or pattern/print then the outfit just seems too blah for me. Since I'm a newbie I tend to try to stick to one color -- black is always easy -- then I try to use different textures or prints to spice things up. This is a somewhat nod to a mullet because it's not only business in the front, it's a party everywhere! That's what I call funny business... ba dum tss!

Yellow Coat: Tulle via Poshmark | Exact, Secondhand, Secondhand
Striped Top: Kate Spade via Poshmark | Exact, Sustainable, Secondhand
Plaid Pants: Old Navy | Exact, Secondhand, Secondhand
Strappy Heels: New Look via ASOS | Secondhand, Secondhand, Secondhand
Polka Dotted Purse: Kate Spade c/o Josh | Secondhand, Secondhand, Secondhand

Purchased for -
Coat: $35.95 | Top: $15.95 | Pants: $5.44 | Heels: $22.82 | Purse: $0 (GIFT)

Total Outfit Cost: $80.16

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