Murder Chic Wrote

Short photo post today, but I made up for it with a lookbook video! I'm so happy with how it turned out and I hope that you all enjoy it as well!

Equestrian Pom Hat: Aldo c/o my cousin, Paul | Exact, Secondhand, Secondhand
Scarf: Aldo c/o my Tita Cora & Tito O'Boy | Exact, Sustainable, Secondhand
Coat: ASOS c/o Josh | Exact, Sustainable, Secondhand
Turtleneck: Target | Exact, Sustainable, Secondhand
Pants: Mango | Sustainable, Sustainable, Secondhand
Mules: Steve Madden via Macy's | Exact, Secondhand, Secondhand
Gloves: Aldo c/o Paul | Sustainable, Secondhand, Secondhand
Backpack: Fossil c/o my Auntie Banis | Sustainable, Sustainable, Secondhand

Purchased for -
Hat: $0 (GIFT) | Scarf: $0 (GIFT) | Coat: $0 (GIFT) | Turtleneck: $5.23 | Pants: $0 (GIFT) | Mules: $22.98 |
Gloves: $0 (GIFT) | Backpack: $0 (GIFT)

Total Outfit Cost: $28.21 (Many thanks for those who gave me these gifts!)

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