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Exciting news alert! I'll be posting a lookbook video on Friday and this is just one of three outfits you'll see on there. It was going to be entitled "What I Got for Christmas" but seeing how I'm doing a sustainability effort I didn't think it was appropriate to encourage purchasing from the fast-fashion sites these items may have come from. Nonetheless, I'm so proud of the video and how these photos turned out! I have the best cameraman! ☺ (Side note: love using that smiley face because when it's tiny it looks like a frown.)

I did a little plastic surgery to my blog so things may look a little different (new "about me" page, "pin me" button on any image, and updated "related posts"). I haven't worked out all the kinks, but I like how it looks. Let me know if the "pin me" button is too big or distracting, I may just remove it since I can't get the coding right.

Duster Coat: ASOS c/o Josh | Exact, Sustainable, Secondhand
Gray Turtleneck: Forever 21 | Sustainable, Sustainable, Secondhand
Graphic Shirt: Romwe c/o Josh | Exact, Shop Small, Secondhand
Culotte Pants: Come Shop with Love c/o Josh | Exact, Sustainable, Secondhand
Lace Up Flats: ModCloth c/o Josh | Exact, Secondhand, Secondhand
Backpack Purse: Forever 21 c/o Josh | Sustainable, Sustainable, Secondhand

Purchased for -
Coat: $0 (GIFT) | Turtleneck: $4.89 | Shirt: $0 (GIFT) | Pants: $0 (GIFT) | Flats: $0 (GIFT) | Backpack: $0 (GIFT)

Total Outfit Cost: $4.89 (All thanks to Josh!)

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