Girl Gang

There's only so many hours in a week that Josh and I can take pictures so I typically change in the car so we can do multiple shoots. This day was body-numbing cold. I could not feel my fingers and toes for 10 minutes. So doing wardrobe changes in my little Fiat was the first frustrating thing I had to do for the new year. My makeshift curtains (made up of clothes from the shoot) kept falling down and I could not get these overalls on because I was tangled in clothes.

Seriously... how do you guys do it?! Bloggin' ain't easy.

Bandana: Walmart | Sustainable, Sustainable, Secondhand
Off-Shoulder Top: Sears | Sustainable, Secondhand, Secondhand
Black Overalls: Gap | Sustainable, Sustainable, Secondhand
Pink Lace Up Shoes: Target | Exact, Sustainable, Secondhand
Backpack Purse: Forever 21 c/o Josh | Sustainable, Sustainable, Secondhand
Breakfast Pins: Aldo c/o my cousin, Pauline | Exact, Shop Small, Secondhand

Purchased for -
Bandana: $1.09 | Top: $3.82 | Overalls: $27.37 | Shoes: $36.98 | Purse: $0

Total Outfit Cost: $69.26

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