His & Hers Fiat Edition

When people found out that Josh and I had matching cars everyone thought that it was intentional, but in fact it all happened because of two car accidents, lack of funds, and an interest in cute Italian vehicles! Still, people think that I had something to do with it because Josh's height seems to be more fitting for an SUV or truck, but just like Goldilocks -- the Fiat was just right. Of course once I found out he was getting a Fiat, I immediately told him we HAD to do a photo shoot, completely non-negotiable. I'm glad we did because they're some of my favorite photos!

Having a mint Fiat, I keep gravitating towards all things mint. Mint shirts, mint nail polish, even these mint sneakers that I forgot were in my closet. I popped these bad babies out and it compliments the car and this dress so well. I actually had been looking for this dress for a long time since one rainy day in college I went into Urban Outfitters to stay dry and discovered this $60ish dress. Of course, I had to let it go because I can't justify that price tag. Fast-forward a couple years and $17 later this dress is mine.

So now that I have my dream dress, dream car, dream guy, all I need is my dream job!

Fun tip for you bargain hunters: If you find something you like in store that you can't afford or want to wait on buying it, just take a picture of the product AND the label that has the item description, product code, and even size. The product code is something all retailers look for because it will help them look up an item 18283x faster and easier -- it can even help you when you're searching online. Size is important because sometimes you might forget which size fit best. Then once you get home you can peruse the web. Maybe you all knew that already, but a reminder doesn't hurt!

O U T F I T : H E R S
Dress: Alice & UO via eBay | Exact, Sustainable
Sneakers: New Balance via DSW | Sustainable, Similar

Purchased for -
Dress: $16.99 | Sneakers: $60.17

Total Outfit Cost: $77.16

O U T F I T : H I S
Coat: Topman via Nordstrom c/o Aika | Similar, Similar
Shirt: H&M | Exact, Sustainable, Similar, Similar
Pants: H&M | Exact, Sustainable, Similar
Sneakers: Ted Baker via DSW | Exact, Similar, Similar, Similar

Purchased for (estimated) -
 Coat: $0 (GIFT) | Shirt: $27.36 | Pants: $32.84 | Sneakers: $65

Total Outfit Cost: $125.20

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