Schoolgirl Style

What lies above the big trees? This question isn’t supposed to be a cool riddle or the title of a Shel Silverstein poem, it’s from sheer terror of what really is up there. When Josh and I looked up, we saw a single crutch, a skateboard, and a few clothes. We quickly finished shooting because we were obviously in someone’s territory.

You can tell this shoot is a couple weeks old because I’m not freezing to death in this outfit. Now, I can’t even go outside without having at least three layers. Correction: I can’t even stay inside without at least three layers (living in the basement problems).

Ideally, this outfit is suitable for when I was in junior high, but schoolgirl style is basically my uniform. In fact, I think this pinafore is actually for little girls… Oh well! I love it!

Pinafore: @ Class via Salvation Army | Sustainable, Similar, Similar
Blouse: Forever 21 | Exact, Similar
Tights: H&M | Similar, Similar
Watch: Nine West c/o Tita Ann | Exact, Sustainable, Similar
Purse: eBay | Exact, Sustainable, Sustainable
Shoes: Predictions via Thrift Store | Similar, Similar, Similar

Purchased for -
Pinafore: $4.81 | Blouse: $9.45 | Tights: $4.99 | Watch: $0 (GIFT) | Purse: $12.49 | Shoes: $8.94

Total Outfit Cost: $40.68

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