November Favorites

Denim Overalls
They were my favorite in October and for some reason I can't seem to take them off. Maybe it's because after all the holiday parties I just don't fit into my other pants... hmmm... that's just a thought. They even pair well with rain boots which is great because the weather is severely confused right now — sun, rain, extreme winds and that's all in one day!
P.S. See it in action here or get the exact one!

I've been a subscriber to ipsy for three months now and it's probably one of my favorite $10/month purchases. Unlike other subscription services your makeup comes in the MOST beautiful and unique bags (see above) and a picture set that just gives major photo shoot inspirations for your next girl's night. Now I typically don't wear makeup so a subscription service fits me like a glove, otherwise, I don't think I would experiment with different brands. The only thing I wish they would change is to have a bag filled with only vegan and cruelty-free products. For now, you can customize your selection by selecting only vegan and CF brands. So far, about 95% of the products I've received have been vegan and CF using that method.
Subscribe here (I'm not affiliated with them, I just like their products).

That '70s Show
I binge watched That '70s show again (thanks Netflix) and I cried like a baby on the final episode. Even though the last season was hard to watch, the rest of the season was unforgettable due to the many talks around the circle and the foot in ass jokes. AND can we talk about Jackie's outfits? Girl's got serious style. Any other Jackie and Hyde fans? I shipped them so hard.

Crossword Book
I purchased this crossword book in the Philippines because of the cover. Yes, I judged a book by it's cover. But fear not, because I love it. The puzzles are a good mix of moderate to head-scratchingly difficult. It's definitely a great bonding book to share with your significant other, co-workers, or even the person sitting next to you on the bus. I like to compete with my dad on figuring out the answers, he's seriously impressive.
Here's an equally cute one for the holidays.

Spicy Southwest Salad
Since I'm vegetarian at fast-food restaurants I typically order either just fries and a dessert or if I'm lucky they usually have a vegetarian burger. When I went to Chicago nothing peaked my interest at Chick-fil-A except for their Spicy Southwest Salad and good golly it lived up to that picture. I added their buffalo sauce to the salad to make it spicier because if it's not spicy or sweet, is it worth eating? From then on I've been making my version of the salad by making sure I have some kind of greens, a crunch (like croutons), honey mustard, vegetarian beef patty, and of course buffalo sauce. I use Frank's red hot, but it's not as good as the mini ones they give out at Chick-fil-A. Sheesh, I need to go grab more.

November Uniforms
My favorite post of the month was the November Uniforms post (shocker... feel free to roll your eyes!) I spent an insane insane — veering towards unnecessary — amount of time working on my November Uniforms post. Therefore, I will post it as many times as I can to validate my work. Honestly, it felt really great to discover sustainable brands. I think in the upcoming year I’m going to go cold turkey on fast-fashion. Sigh, I hope it’s as easy as quitting meat because that was literally a piece of cake — and when I say literally, I mean I literally just ate a piece of cake to substitute meat.
You can read it here!

Sweat and Eat
My parents don't like to spend money on eating out, but on the first Monday I went to the gym with them and we at at IHOP immediately after because what's the point of working out for two hours when you're not going to stuff your mouth with the 500 calories you lost plus 1000 more. Family time is the best.

Happy December everyone! It's going to be a good month! ❤

(Credits: Photo of That '70s Show, Photo of Chick-fil-A)

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