ISO: Nap

Is anyone else as exhausted as I am from this past Thanksgiving/shopping weekend? I've never been this close to finishing my Christmas list this early. Yes, I'm the type of person to wait two days or maybe even the day before Christmas Eve to purchase presents. I used to like the rush of it all! But now, I just like staying at home in my pajamas and being able to calculate my expenses so I don't go over budget. That's probably the saddest, adult sentence I've ever written. Today, I decided to treat myself by sitting at home with my dogs doing absolutely nothing, but eating a box of 4 Cinnabons. #Adulting! Hey... don't judge me!

To cover up horrible (but oh so delicious) dessert choices, I like wearing this unintentionally oversized button up. When you're sitting down, you can unbutton your pants and no one will notice. When you're standing up and moving about, you look super chic because heels 99.9% of the time will elevate your outfit. Making this look a bit more fun is the functional and adorable yellow, duck umbrella. As well as the old sleepy eyes on the shirt. Which is exactly what my eyes are doing right now!

Top: Romwe | Exact, Similar
Pants: Generra via Tj Maxx | Exact, Sustainable, Similar, Similar
Shoes: New Look via ASOS | Sustainable, Sustainable, Similar, Similar
Purse: Kate Spade c/o Josh | Sustainable, Similar, Similar
Umbrella: ModCloth | Exact, Exact, Sustainable, Similar

Purchased for - Top: $6.25 | Pants: $21.89 | Shoes: $22.82 | Purse: $0 (GIFT) | Umbrella: $19.83

Total Outfit Cost: $70.79

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