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If you can't already tell these shots were taken early last month. It was cold then, but it's bone-chilling cold now. I can't even walk the dogs without shivering when I get back, but hopefully some good will come of this weather -- like SNOW! White Christmas' are something I'm constantly looking forward to while the ability to drive without hydroplaning is not.

I threw on this outfit last minute and kind of liked how it looked together. It seems like two different worlds colliding -- work wear on bottom and casual play up top. If your job allows you to have casual Fridays or dress a bit more lax, then this ensemble might just work for you.

Top: Gap via Salvation Army | Sustainable, Sustainable, Similar
Handkerchief worn as a Scarf: Armando Caruso c/o Dad | Similar, Similar
Pants: Zara via Thredup | Sustainable, Sustainable, Similar
Backpack: Forever 21 c/o Josh | Sustainable, Similar, Similar
Shoes: Mixx via Modcloth | Exact, Sustainable, Similar

Purchased for -
Top: $3.29 | Scarf: $0 (GIFT) | Pants: $3.96 | Backpack: $0 (GIFT) | Shoes: $23.93

Total Outfit Cost: $31.18

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